Literary Studies

“Literary Studies helped us to understand that there are differenet literary features in the Bible. It also helped us to look into the different literary features of our own language.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2013

Long desired

“Now we are well equipped, this is what we wanted and have been looking for for many years. Please continue doing this training for us so that we are well equipped for the task.” – Anonymous, Sudan 2017

More confidence

“The students I had last taught when they started their training two years ago  have increased in their facility with new material and in  confidence.  This is just one of the reasons why I like the translators whose training I am responsible to arrange to attend the TWFTW training events.” Read more…

Thank you!

“We wish that translators in the past had taken this course, the quality of translations we have available would have been so much better.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2014

More than meets the eye

“I never thought that there is so much to study about my language. This training has made me aware of the need for spelling consistency when translating the Bible and developing other written material in our language. I am eagerly waiting to test the spelling guide in different villages and Read more…