I always feel incredibly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to work with our amazing translators in The Word for the World.  I am humbled by the dedication and perseverance of the teams and their passion for their communities and the Word of God.  I have never taught a course for TWFTW and been unchanged myself—and working with the Eastern Slovak Romani team proved no different.

In teaching Semantics and Lexicography to the Eastern Slovak Romani team, I was struck by the camaraderie, friendship, and openness offered to an outsider like me.  These sessions were my first time working with a European team, and I was expecting something different than the open and generous hearts I experienced.  I felt that we quickly developed a rapport and classroom banter together that was not only helpful in communication and learning but quite enjoyable as well.

While I am not exactly sure what I was expecting, I found my first experience working the Romani to be enlightening, entertaining, and spirit-building.  The end of our sessions was more bitter than sweet, and I will truly miss my daily sessions with the team.  From them I experienced a Christ-like generosity of heart, gracious understanding, and saw how keeping a light-heart and a playful demeanor helps make a hard day of work something one can truly enjoy. – Joel Brown, August 2019


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