After a training event in Tanzania we received this beautiful testimony from Ezeliel. “My name is Ezekiel. I am a
We have many students in Southeast Asia.  These are just some of their testimonies.  Their names and the countries where
In the heart of Mukono town, Uganda, from October 30th to November 25th, 2023, a training event was held for
The Croatia/Serbia region recently held their 8th training event. The training took place over four days and one subject, Biblical
After DBT training in Lilongwe, Malawi, we received beautiful testimonies from students. Daniel from the Nyika Project said: “My life
In July 2023 TWFTW Albania hosted their very first training event to equip students to translate the Bible into Aromanian.
Isabel, a Rutagwenda Bible translator, shared her experience after attending the 2023 DBT training in Uganda. Isabel found significant value
Since 1981, 1770 people from 35 nations have participated in our Diploma in Bible Translation training programme (DBT). This year
In April 2022, many Bible translators in Nigeria studied the subjects of Study skills, Semantics, Morphology and Syntax, and Introduction
“Since we studied Biblical Exegesis of the New Testament previously, Biblical Exegesis of the OT was quite easy to absorb.
TWFTW is excited to have started training translators in Uganda. The first training event took place in January 2022. The
4th and 5th of August 2022 mark the first TWFTW Online Conference organised by the International Training Department. Over 100
The impact of training Bible translators in subjects like Exegesis is not limited to the translators’ personal lives but is
An Introduction to Greek was one of the subjects taught in India in November 2021. “When I attended these classes
The training in Literary studies impacted the translators in India in November 2021. “This course helped us to understand what
A training event for oral Bible translators was successfully conducted in Southeast Asia in July 2021. The translation team was both
“The Writer’s Development course has enabled me to think critically of how to train native speakers to develop their writing
“Exegesis helped us a lot. We learned about Bible geography, the timeline of Old and New Testament, and the overview
The biennial Bible Translation Conference was held 15-19 October 2021 – this time completely online. Hundreds of people from all
Having received the training on sound and writing systems will benefit the whole community of the small tribe of Purum
Bible translation is believed to bring about tremendous transformation in Kenya as the scriptures are being translated and presented in
The first online training event in Nigeria was conducted in September 2020 for the subjects of Computer & Digital Literacy,
  The courses are completely changing my leadership skills. I made notes in the Leadership and Management Course and I
After the training Herena thanked God that she was able to learn DBT subjects in her old age.  She is
The training has positively impacted my life as it seems like a dream to me to able to read and
The training was an eye opener for me and my team as we have learnt the different consonants and vowels
The online training promoted the TWFTWI for using modern technology in remote places; some respected community leaders had opportunity to
I am mostly excited about how the communities got really involved in the life of the project as a result
None of the three translators and the literacy coordinator have a theological background. When I first interacted with them, they
I always feel incredibly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to work with our amazing translators in The Word
During the Lexicography course, the Eastern Slovak Romani team was encouraged to think of a dictionary project that might actually
I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the DBT Training of May 2019. The
I am highly impressed with the presentations, particularly the active participation of the participants, as well as the DBT training
I just want to share my feedback on the professional and well-presented 30 days of DBT training of May 2019
In Greek we learned how to read and write the Greek letters, but also about English grammar, conjugation, declension and
Even though I was translating the Bible, I was doing it without knowing the details of the Bible, such as
I have studied for a Bachelor in Theology before, but many things were not clear to me and I have
On 23rd November, 20 students were awarded a Diploma in Bible Translation in Lusaka, Zambia. The graduates come from Botswana,
20 students graduated with a Diploma in Bible Translation on 1st November.  Congratulations to all!!
Who would have thought that learning Greek could be fun?  As I  am translating the Bible I was eager to
Everyone involved – students and lecturer – testify that training by skype works well. Previously, a week or two was taken
I taught two students Hebrew via skype. It was quite a challenge. I found it hard to respond to the students
“Literary Studies helped us to understand that there are differenet literary features in the Bible. It also helped us to
“We just used to sit through the lectures without understanding them. But now we are able to see the link
“Now we are well equipped, this is what we wanted and have been looking for for many years. Please continue
“I have attended training in Bible translation but I haven’t seen anything like this. I have learnt a lot.” –
“This training has motivated me.” – Anonymous, Zambia 2015
“The interest of other organisations is vividly proven by the fact that they keep insisting to send more students to
“The students I had last taught when they started their training two years ago  have increased in their facility with
“We wish that translators in the past had taken this course, the quality of translations we have available would have
“In Biblical Exegesis we were made to walk through the Bible as if it were an ancient land. We met
“I never thought that there is so much to study about my language. This training has made me aware of
“This DBT training was a turning point. We found a lot of spelling inconsistencies in the translated Scripture portions. We
“I have been using many dictionaries but this training gave me an understanding of how to make a dictionary. I
“We thank God for such good teachers who communicated the subjects with such simplicity and clarity.” – SM SE Asia,
“I am excited to work with highly motivated learners. What I have received from God I gave to the class,
“I will make an encyclopaedia in my language before I die.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2013
“Lexicography is interesting. Wow! Even we have synonyms, antonyms and other features in our language. That’s amazing.” – Anonymous, South
“Even though the subject was tough we realised that it is important to understand the literary genre before translating a
“Anthropology was interesting and it gave us a chance to look deep into our own culture.” – Anonymous, SE Asia
“It was an interesting subject and we enjoyed it. It was wonderful to see that we could come up with
“My understanding of God grew through working with the people here, praying with them and worshipping with them.” – Anonymous,
“The students always say that the training is very helpful for their translation work. They even ask us to offer
“I got good knowledge and skill to develop the orthography of my language through The Word for the World’s training.”
“I learned great lessons from the lectures and the lecturers that help me grow in my Christian faith and the
“It is really useful.  I know myself that I improve a lot during the one month DBT training.” – Anonymous,
“By learning about Morphology and Syntax subject I came to realise that every language has grammar.  I studied the internal
“By learning about this subject we understood that we can approach the Bible as literature.  Moreover, I came to know
“I got many more ideas, more than I expected.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2015
“I am grateful to God and to the Word for the World as a whole to have this opportunity to
After learning about meaning-based translation: “We have to share these things with our commmunity!” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2014
“We are a translation team, but after this training we really feel like a team.” – Anonymous, SE Asia, 2014
“How can someone translate without doing this course?” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2014
“Thanks for giving us such a privilege to have such a wonderful course.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2014
“Our minds have been opened.” – Anonymous, SE Asia 2014