Even though I was translating the Bible, I was doing it without knowing the details of the Bible, such as its history, its purpose and the original recipients of the books of the Bible.  This DBT training has helped us to know the reality, importance and responsibility we have in translating the Bible.

In Exegesis, it was almost as if we were visiting the Holy Land and looked at every place. Our teachers showed us a lot of photos of Israel. Then we learned about each individual book’s purpose, background, writers’ details and time period of the books. When I heard this I felt how great the Bible is, authentic and true. It was an eye opener to see this because I’m not born in a Christian family and only newly converted. And now I understand much better what book the Bible really is and how important it is.  We also learned how to discover the meaning of the text, by applying the seven steps of the exegetical process. – Anonymous, South East Asia May 2019




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