The Croatia/Serbia region recently held their 8th training event. The training took place over four days and one subject, Biblical Exegesis – Old Testament, was taught.  

“It is good to learn and improve and enrich our methods of Bible study, which will help us ask the right questions to the text in order to better study and translate it.” 

“It was very useful to hear the introduction to the entire Old Testament and the books of the Old Testament. A better view of the authors as well as the time in which these books were written. I learned a lot about the empires that existed at that time and what influence they had on Israel.” 

With all the lectures and the training material offered in Serbian, this course proofed to be a great encouragement to students.  

“The lecture was phenomenal, I was primarily very encouraged because we were reminded of many great and important events from the Old Testament, and I also received new information that I did not know, which will be of great importance, first of all for me personally, and then for my work as a translator because I see much more clearly many things that I did not know.” 

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