We have many students in Southeast Asia.  These are just some of their testimonies.  Their names and the countries where they work are not disclosed for safety reasons.

“I would like to express my thankful heart to God because he has not only saved me but also chosen me for this work.  I have been working in translation ministry for over 15 years.  I finished drafting the New Testament and I am still working on the Old Testament but, since we started the DBT (Diploma in Bible Translation) training, I have learnt so many new things that we now apply in our translation work. The courses on the principles and approaches to Bible translation have helped us a lot to do the work better. Now, we do the exegetical research on the passages before we do the actual translation work. I cannot thank you enough for your support to equip us to be better translators of the Word. We the translators, our whole tribe, our church, and our community pray for TWFTW and for the Word to be taken into every tribe and every nation. God bless you.”

“I requested three pastors from our community to join us during our DBT training.  We wanted the churches in our community to support translation work in some way and to help take the Word to other neighbouring nations.  After the training the pastors told me that it was wonderful that God has been doing such great work among our people and church.  This has encouraged our translation team in general and me in particular.  Thank you so much for the DBT that enables our team to do our work better in our projects. God bless you and we pray for you. It was a wonderful program built by TWFTW.  I am so grateful for your love, concern and care to build up a programme like this.”

“Thank God for the joyful and peaceful two weeks of classes. The knowledge we gained of the Principles of Bible Translation and Textual Criticism was very detailed in a way I have never learned before. I’m very thankful to God for leading me in this project to serve as a translator of His word to my people. May God bless you.”


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