In Katima Mulilo, Namibia, 16 translators attended a DBT Training event covering phonetics, phonology, digital literacy, orthography, and study skills. Among the attendees were Mushohe, Elvis, and Misika, each offering their perspective on the impact of the training.

Mushohe, representing the Mafwe community, expressed his newfound understanding and appreciation for phonetics, stating, “I have gained more knowledge that has contributed to my English and my way of approaching things better since we started learning phonetics.” He also shared how he now comprehends symbols in his father’s Bible that were once a mystery to him.

Elvis, from the Mbalanbhu language, spoke of the confidence he gained, affirming, “I have gained confidence in going forward with participating in Bible translation.”

Misika, a member of the Subia community and part of the Board of Directors, stated “This second DBT training has helped us all understand the quality the organisation meant in producing a first-time Bible Translation”. 

The translators all look forward to the next DBT Training event to be held in 2024.


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