After a training event in Tanzania we received this beautiful testimony from Ezeliel.

“My name is Ezekiel. I am a married man, I am 59 years old and I have one wife, six children, and six grandchildren. I am from the Doe tribe and I was born and raised in Kiwangwa village, Bagamoyo ward, Chalinze district.

I believed in Jesus in 1996. As you know, most people in the coastal region of Tanzania are Muslims. I was also a Muslim and my wife was also a Muslim. I was a heavy drinker and quarrelsome which gave my wife a lot of trouble. However, my wife decided to go to church to pray for me to stop drinking, she became a Christian, which I didn’t like at all. I wanted to kill her for that mistake. Due to the pain I was in, my drinking got worse and worse. My wife continued to pray for me and made all my children Christians. One day my youngest son told me about handing over my life to Jesus and explained how he feels about my alcoholism. His words hurt me a lot and then I decided to go to church to satisfy my child. When I was prayed for everything changed, I stopped drinking and decided to become a Christian until now.

 I thank God for calling me and choosing me in this age among many people. As you know, the Word of God is light and now the light has come to the people of my tribe. We have received this service with great gratitude and I believe that it will completely change people’s lives. Actually, at the moment it is too early to tell you where I see my people, but with this training I have received, I believe they will receive a very good Bible and will move away from believing in gods and return to the true God.

For the Donors, we are praying for them and we thank them for the training and making sure that our people read the Word in our own language.”


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