After DBT training in Lilongwe, Malawi, we received beautiful testimonies from students. Daniel from the Nyika Project said:

“My life has been transformed since the day I was lifted from a dust floor to where I stand today. To be frank, after finishing secondary school in 2010, I never had the chance for formal training, and my dreams died. But today, my dreams have been revived and my broken heart healed. All the Glory to God. The course I’ve started has not only revived my dreams but also transformed my spiritual life. The teachings of our lecturers have motivated me. I’m committed to working hard to become an international preacher and Bible translator.

In addition to personal growth, I’ve learned humility and respect for other cultures, believers and doctrines, which has transformed not only me but also those around me.

This is great miracle for us. The Nyika tribe has long been neglected, as there is not a single printed book in our mother tongue. May the Lord God of mercy who called us unto this mission be glorified!”

Rui from the Dema Project said:

“Becoming a translator is a blessing I never thought I would encounter. I want to thank God for choosing me for this great task. I also give thanks to God for providing us with dedicated lecturers, who have taught us how to proceed with the work of translating the Bible. This has really changed my life to carry out this mission of translating the Bible to my mother language.”


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