Isabel, a Rutagwenda Bible translator, shared her experience after attending the 2023 DBT training in Uganda. Isabel found significant value in the lectures on various course units about Bible translation. These sessions opened her eyes to new perspectives and approaches, providing her with essential tools to overcome translation
challenges effectively.

However, the most profound impact of the training was the transformation in Isabel’s view on being a Bible translator.
      “I no longer look at translation as a mere job, but call of God upon my life to extend His Kingdom to my
       language community,” Isabel said.

Isabel acknowledged the role of the facilitators in making the training such a success.
      “They not only delivered the information effectively but also treated the attendees as fellow brothers and

Additionally, Isabel expressed her gratitude towards the TWFTW staff and the training team for ensuring the welfare of all participants.
      “I can’t thank them enough, but just pray for blessings upon their lives.”



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