In the heart of Mukono town, Uganda, from October 30th to November 25th, 2023, a training event was held for 120 students from Uganda and the DRC. The students represented 24 languages from across the regions.

For the first time, Bible translation is set to begin soon in languages like Rugabu, Rukingwe, and Runyabutumbi, with 39 students training for future involvement. 12 subjects were taught during the training ranging from Principles of Bible translation to Introduction to Greek.

Rodgers from the Rukingwe language group shares, “My spirit was always lifted during the morning devotions. Encouraging words kept me going when things seemed tough.”
Alex, from Livanoma-OBT, expresses gratitude for conquering the challenge of 
learning Greek, highlighting the dedication of Dr. Kamande.
Jotham, representing the Runyabutumbi language group, cherishes the newfound friendships and cultural exchange during the training.

Looking ahead, plans include faculty development and plans to acquire land and construct a training facility that will always host these training events, ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The impact of this training echoes beyond the classroom, fostering collaboration, and resilience. The next training event is set for June 2024, promising further growth in these areas.

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