Since 1981, 1656 people from 32 nations have participated in our Diploma in Bible Translation training programme (DBT).

Last year we have trained aspiring Bible translators from bible-less language communities in 11 countries. For details check our training calendar.  At present, 406 are enrolled and a further 211 have attended a taster training. Currently our students represent 21 nationalities and 208 languages with Bible translation need.  Most are involved in first-time translation of the Bible into their language or preparing to do so.

327 students from 18 different nationalities have graduated with a Diploma in Bible Translation and 1 with a Certificate in Bible Translation. The diplomates took an average of five years of study, which comprised intensive modules, self-study and on-the-job training.  74% are still involved in Bible Translation today. A further 174 students completed a number of modules they came to study.


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