In April 2022, many Bible translators in Nigeria studied the subjects of Study skills, Semantics, Morphology and Syntax, and Introduction to Greek, all by engaging on an online platform and attending classes through Zoom.

“As a result of this training, my knowledge of Greek was brought back to life, I was able to learn new things which I did not know before; I have been able to interlinearise texts, I got a different approach to meaning, I was introduced to new linguistics terms etc.”  – Rev. Agabison, Translator

“The translators now have a better understanding of morphology and syntax. I could see them developing interests in studying the grammar of their languages.” – Sixtus, Exegete

“The Greek course has helped me to identify the Greek letters and even memorize them. Also, I can now read a Greek text, and interpret word or phrases using the source language tools in Paratext.” – Victor, Translator

“I now understand that “each language has its own genius’’ and that no language is better than another language. Each language has its unique features and ways of expressing thoughts.” –  Godwin, Translator

“Before I took the Study skills course, I didn’t know how to organize myself when studying. This study helped me to develop different types of learning techniques and use tools for effective reading. I also learned the various note taking methods; the way to construct an academic essay and to acknowledge the source without stress.”  – Victor, Translator


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