The biennial Bible Translation Conference was held 15-19 October 2021 – this time completely online. Hundreds of people from all over the world attended to hear and share experiences of Bible translation related work and training.

“I knew how to use FLEx before for word and text collection, and for analyzing linguistic data – but I never thought of using it for translation. It is a wonderful idea that will help translators to keep to consistency and reduce a lot of errors in the translation process.” – Dyek

“One thing I learned was that a written Bible translation is unlikely to be widely used if there is not a widespread practice of literacy in that language. This has quite some implications for some of our projects.” – Pierre

“I enjoyed exploring more about KTOT (Key Terms of the Old Testament)” – Augustine

“I learnt about different technology, like Scripture Forge, that could be a good way of doing community checking for our translations.” – Binoy

“I learned so many things that fit well with my growth plan towards becoming a certified Bible Translation Consultant.” – Devison

“I learnt that Paratext Lite is a good tool that we can use in the field as well as in the administration team, so that whenever we cannot bring our laptops we can still use and check the translation from our phones.” – Pau


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